About me
shofar and schtick

Called to the shofar during the pandemic in 5780, 

Shofar Shoshanna is compelled to blast the shofar!

Shalom! Peace and Hello! 

The work and purpose of Shofar Shoshanna is to fulfill an obligation – to help Jews fulfill their obligation – to hear the shofar annually. To do this, she is the creator and writer of The Daily Blast, a series of comic book covers, each of which functions as a single panel comic about the role of the Shofar during the month of Elul. Shofar Shoshanna explains the journey our souls take in a daily illustrated online calendar with her recorded shofar blasts. (Take note! No notes on Shabbat!) 

For Elul 5781, Shofar Shoshanna gives thanks and prays for those that had an impact on her survival during that year of the pandemic in her home state of CT. 

For Elul 5782, Shofar Shoshanna visits Governors and State Capitols, Historic Synagogues, Holocaust Memorials, War Memorials, there’s some Shofar and Schtick and even some Shofar and Schmooze – and we’re not just touring around CT anymore! Shofar Shoshanna calls attention to gun violence, LGBTQ rights, masks, Jewish leaders at the forefront of making and communicating change. Shofar Shoshanna finds her voice . . .  but where will Shofar Shoshanna the Super Shero be in 5783?

Are you a Jewish organization, Jewish Elderly, or Jewish Veteran that wants Shofar Shoshanna to pray for you? A State Governor or The President of The United States? Shofar Shoshanna welcomes your requests to hear a blast online, in person, or in comic. Please contact [email protected]

I pray these blasts for you and every Jew!